Musings: 15° outside and 54° in … “IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING!”

Our Wood Stove, Early morning fuzzieness
Our Wood Stove, Early morning fuzzieness

Brrrr – I grab a sweater. It’s always a toss up – do I start the fire first or get the coffee going? This morning the coffee wins out. I love this little four cup electric pot, that actually only makes two cups, and the fire is now roaring – temp 55° inside.

We’ve been using this wood stove –  about 20 years old, now. Got it from Carol’s brother about 14 years ago, when we first moved up to these mountains in Western North Carolina. Been learning about it ever since. This morning I noticed some puffs of smoke from the door. Uh Oh. The problem is if a little smoke reaches the smoke alarm it goes off –BEEEP, BEEEP, BEEEP!!! – until I fan it with some newspapers. At 4AM – not a good way to wake Carol up. Like my other brother in law, Jimmy says – “It’s always something.” And I found that by turning the ceiling fan on, the smoke get moved around and mixed with clean air so no Beeeps.

Thermostat for Wood Stove
Thermostat for Wood Stove

The temperature gauge? That’s a little round gizmo that has a magnet and holds to the lower piece of stove pipe; It gives a good read out on what the stove is doing. At 250° you shut the door. If it gets to 500° that’s danger – you reduce the air coming into the stove – vented from the outside. Brother in law Carl said he wishes he had done that cause the stove sucked in air from all around the house, slight openings under the door etc. Not very efficient.

Why writing at 4AM? Cause I’m up. No alarm – just when I wake up, I get up – nice quiet time, too. So this morning I decided to use this time to share some things  – musings, I’ll have to call them. It’s something anyone can do — blogging, some people do it very well. I began blogging as a tip from Rohn Engh. The site he referred me to was called Empower Network Blog.

Excuse me while put more wood on the fire, close the Wood Stove door and get more coffee. ……………

Well that ‘s sort of my morning thing – getting the fire started – it’s up to 58° in here. Better. Why Wood Stove – to supplement regular heat? No. We just like the heat from wood. It seems to mingle with the air – and comfortably surround the body. We have a Heat Pump — but that heat is different and Expensive!  Any temperature below 40° outside and the heat strips kick in… my neighbor was paying $350 a month with the same Heat Pump system. Out bill yesterday was $176. The wood cost about $200 for the year or one could chop his own. I’ve done that, now either we have it delivered already cut or pick it up – a 4X2X8 trailer load is $40-50. I still have to cut it into smaller pieces but that’s easy and works some dormant body parts.  There’s an old saying here ’bouts – “If you want to keep moving, you gotta keep moving!

Oh, back to the blogging. Empower Network Blog. The people who set this site up provide the blog, tips on how to do it and encouragement.  I’m always interested in how people fend for themselves – this caught my attention. They charge $25 a month for everything and it’s set up so that if someone else is attracted to your site and signs up, you receive a fee. So, theoretically your cost goes to “0” and there is even an opportunity to make some money. The problem I had… even though they we’re very instrumental in getting me started, face book was blocking their site because of the volume of activity and Word Press also had some issues – commercial use or something. They call their program Building a business while having a life. Well, I may have to revisit it and see if they fixed those issues – but it can be helpful if new to blogging or even later.

Well, inside heat is up to 60° …… 5:15 AM – That’s it for now. Love to hear from you.

Next, Adventures in the Mountains — we’re off to do some ice photography — Why we’re going back, we’ll have images, I’m sure.

Ice Wall, Transylvania County, NC, Bob Grytten Image
Ice Wall, Transylvania County, NC, Bob Grytten Image

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