Clarity of Purpose – are we on track or is our rudder broken?

The time is Now. Today is the only time that has been promised us. This moment is the Greeceonly moment we can decide which road to follow.

I recall a business friend that discussed the wonderful life he was leading. It seemed so massive, so huge, larger than life itself, so to speak. Someone asked – “How do I get to where you are?” His reply was simple.“Put one foot in front of the other.” Take the first step. It’s like eating an elephant – one bite eat a time.

Dandoline  “Hanging On”As I reflect on my own blessings, yes blessings, I see so many who are living their dreams – and inspiring others in the process. I think one of the blessings that come to me is through blogging – not so much the words I manage to find or images I can share, but the people that visit that blog and open contact with me. I am finding so many inspiring and wonderful energies through their eyes – through their minds — and I feel a true sense of purpose in their lives. When I come across that, I’m compelled to pass it on as it creates such a good feeling inside that it overflows and spills out.

I once heard that if you can impact just one life, your own life will have been meaningful.  I used to think, gee – I certainly want to impact more than one. But now, I’m wondering if that single life might be my own. Just think! How many people are unhappy with their lives. They go about doing stuff they think they’re supposed to be doing. They’re working at something, some job, some pay check … Have we lost our rudder that directs us toward something we were born to do so well that it can make a difference. Did we have a dream once and slip past that special feeling it stirred up inside us. Do we get up from bed, put our feet on the floor and say Well, another day another dollar or do we bounce out of bed excited to get at life.

Reading something inspirational can help get the juices flowing – that Ferns Clingmans Domehappiness that comes through us, not just a smile we put on because that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. What is our purpose? Each of us to our own purpose. How does one find it. The thing that “wild horses can’t pull us away from,” as Harvey LLoyd use to say.

Well, I’m not sure how you get there but I am running across a number of people that emit that happiness, that purpose in what they are saying and doing. It may be for each of us the message is different. The path is different. Seek out that voice that speaks to you. That may be the way. When that moves you to a new something, a new feeling, and new awareness – embrace it. It may be a life line to getting back on track or a way to a whole new beginning, a purpose.

Without a goal or drive toward something, how difficult is must be to practice to move toward the something that is on purpose. Finding that message has to be the message – for without it we may be just drifting, or floundering.

I came across this site I found very moving for me. Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets People Make on Their Death Bed Try it out. See if there are some things there that resonate.

From one photographer, I want to suggest an ongoing site that may lift you a bit, strengthen your will, and open some new ideas. My friend and colleague Don McGowan publishes a very worthy newsletter. It’s free and published monthly. Subscribe at and go to Newsletter. Ask to be on the list and it comes to your e-mail address. Then you will also receive An Image For The Asking, which you’ll want to open – it comes once a week. The strength of each of those images, the beauty they convey, may not only help your own photography but will help maintain that lift we all need to stay with our new vision of where we are going – our purpose.


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