20 Career Alternatives to a Full Time Art Career

Dew Drop By Bob Grytten

by Bob Grytten

Barney Davey’s blog touched on many things close to me, and perhaps close to others…

For openers, I had no idea there were genes in this body related to what we call “ART.” I had always just done the things in front of me to survive, although at the time I hadn’t thought of them as survival activities. My first job was working at a small neighborhood restaurant sorting pop bottle for 50¢ an hour in 7th grade. Then, I worked in their fruit & vegetable stand during High School. And selling cutlery door -to-door got me through college. That led me to administrative work at Wear -Ever’s home office when I graduated, and so it went…

It wasn’t until later after aptitude testing at Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation that I discovered the areas that were good matches for my unique gene structure.  From that point on, life became a journey of purpose and much better understanding. But, my antenna really went up when I happened on this piece on career alternatives that make sense. Enjoy…

20 Art-related Career Alternatives to a Full-time Art Career

March 22nd, 2014 – 10:55 PM

by Barney Davey

Many talented artists enjoy a dual art-related career. They have found satisfying related work and use their spare time to create beautiful works of art.

To begin, I would never discourage someone who has the passion and wants to become a full-time artist to choose otherwise. It is a unique, noble and worthy way to make a living. That said, as with all entrepreneurial endeavors, going full-time is challenging, to say the least.

Success as a full-time artist is complex.

Becoming a successful full-time artist requires more than artistic talent. It requires a business mind, a marketing mind and a willingness to endure during dark patches where your income does not meet your expectations. In other words, it requires some sacrifices for those who are not the beneficiaries of a spouse or other family members or friends who will support them in the early going.

This blog is for all artists, regardless of status.

Readers of this blog know I work hard at providing practical art business and art marketing advice designed to help artists become more successful. the How to Sell to the Affluent Market post from last week is a perfect example. Judging from the response to it, there is a substantial amount of interest in the subject. As such, stay tuned, or subscribe now, for future posts with more details on selling art to rich people.Now, whether or not you are destined to make full-time artist status, you will find the ideas, information and inspiration published here helpful in reaching your art career goals and potential. Know one thing. You do not have to work full-time as an artist to have a rewarding career as an artist.

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