Fleeting light, wild sky – conveying a sense of place.

Dusk Walk, Myrtle Beach, SC bob Grytten Photo
Dusk Walk, Myrtle Beach, SC bob Grytten Photo

We arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to cooling temperatures and a stiff breeze from the east. Visions of slamming waves against boulders dance in my head.

I inquire where those boulders could be found along the beach, and we’re directed to an area ten minutes away – how lucky is that?

We check into our hotel, then head out as light is waning fast.

I’ll scout this for tomorrows early morning shoot. But where are those boulders? All  I see is sand and wild water.

A couple local policemen  make some suggestions. We’re off  – –

A few moments later I’m walking on sand again. I must go toward the inlet, but no boulders. So, I take what nature gives me – the sky and subtle light. Click. Click.

It’s windy, the surf roaring, and cold enough for a scarf. How to show that in a single image.

Now, here is what the camera saw –

First image Myrtle Beach SC, Bob Grytten Image
First image Myrtle Beach SC, Bob Grytten Image

To keep noise to a minimum in the image, the camera is set at EV “00” which results in sort of flat images. I like to shoot in RAW because I can then reintroduce color to the image and it has to be sharpened a bit also.

The composition I choose includes the Pier and the Walking man, even though he is small in the final scene, but a key element to show the wind. The next step to help accentuate the feeling of that moment is to think what other tools are available.

If this were a video, we would have sound and motion to convey the sense of place, but this still image has to stand on it’s own.

The person walking suggests he is struggling against an invisible force. Somehow the image belies the warm tones in the scene. I wonder what Black and White would look like…

Ah, ha — that tells the story…

Myrtle Beach Stormy Bob Grytten Image
Myrtle Beach Stormy Bob Grytten Image

Could this have been a snow scene, or a desert scene? Of course.

About those rocks we were looking for. We did find some – but more on that later.

Send us your sense of place, image… We’ll showcase the best ones .





Here is one of Carol & Taco… Maybe this conveys better — What do you think?

Carol & Taco on Beach 100 DPI





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