Turning Your Photo Craft Into Income…

I began my photography career as a conscious career decision, never having been a serious hobbiest. Oh yes, I had purchased cameras before and often thought how interesting it might be to photograph the small birds over there. But it wasn’t until I took the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation testing that I saw it as a legitimate career, and I was ready for a change. Now, came the business end of it – how to monetize this budding career.

I began with Stock photography in mind – three months later my first work was published.

SORC Published Southern Boating Mag 1987
SORC Published Southern Boating Mag 1987

That was an incredible high – and we went on from there… that was 1987. The interesting thing, and something that came out by accident and which I still adhere to today, I learned after this image, from Rohn Engh. The formula for making a publishable image – clean Background, People, Symbol, and Involvement (Publishable= B+P+S+I. Thinking about  getting published? Get his information at  Photosource International.

But there are many avenues for one to succeed financially in Photography. Step #1 is to determine the thing “that wild horses can’t pull you away from” as Harvey LLoyd says. You may have to dabble a lot until you find it.

It seems that each step I took  was the most interesting at the time, and linked me with situations that relied upon what I had learned before. I sort of evolved into a creature of many hats, plugging them in where they seemed to fit a need. That became the most fun.

Well here is another situation. News Releases for businesses that needed a boost of exposure. No, I do not look at the dollars first. If it just sort of occurs to me that maybe I can plug my self in to a situation, then I do the homework – to determine if the business requirements, the dollars, are realistically there. In this case I check with Writers Market’s section, How Much Should I Charge. It shows the per project low figure of $400, with high of $15,000 and average of $3,869.

J Creek Fabric News Release by Bob Grytten
J Creek Fabric News Release by Bob Grytten

Now because I’m just beginning this activity, I’ve produced a couple of projects just to see how it worked, which I didn’t charge for – here is the first one.

These gave me an opportunity to work out any bugs. If one is to hold themselves out as a professional, he must be able to perform. Now, let’s be careful to understand that I have already developed some skills in this area – Photography, Writing (which I think we all can do – and get better with practice), Getting Published (also which anyone can do with some knowledge of what works and what doesn’t). Now I am taking it to the next step, and possibly we can offer some workshops for others who may have an interest. I think there may be a big need for “news releases” most everywhere.

Are you doing anything to generate $$$ in this field. Let us know. It might find a place here if you want to share. Everyone has something to offer and everyone can learn…

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