Photography really close by… planting native flora

Poppy 2014 w-©The morning is filled with mist and the sun is just beginning to glow on the horizon. Still in my sleep wear and boots, I get set up as soon as I notice – not wanting to lose our fleeting light. We’ve planted many native species of flora over the years, as well as others; so , it’s just a matter of shooting when conditions are nice. These poppies were donated by our neighbor Esther who has since passed on – a nice memory.

However, the idea is that when conditions are super, we only have to wander outside and shoot. Crepe paper-like petals are a challenge to photograph; but I liked this arrangement the best. Photographed with 200mm lens, Aperture Priority, f/8, 2/20 sec., EV -1.0, on tripod.

As the light begins to brighten the area a bit, I move over the ponds for the first Iris of

Yellow Iris. backyard pond, Bob Grytten Photo
Yellow Iris. backyard pond, Bob Grytten Photo












the season. The natural defusing of the mist morning provides even tones. But to bring out the detail of the petals, I underexpose a bit in post production, which also holds the background back as well. Photographed at focal length of 145mm, Aperture Priority, f/16, 1/3 second, EV -1.0,on tripod.

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