Close to home Photography

June Sunrise, Blue ridge Parkway, NC
June Sunrise, Blue ridge Parkway, NC

Close to home has it by a long shot. This morning, the mist was thick at our house. “Could be something interesting up on the parkway,” I thought – to myself. By 6AM I was leaving a note for Carol – still asleep, I was sure.

Conditions seem to be everything when making images that speak. The last time I was inspired to head out it was two hours by the time I got there. And while all was not lost, 6:28 AM is sure better light.

I enter the parkway at the Balsam entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside Waynesville, NC and head toward Asheville as there’s a few openings looking east along that route.

The first one had the sun just peaking over the horizon – I could have been here an hour sooner, still. But when I noticed the mist between the ridges I knew I was at the right place.

I used a 95mm focal length to frame the image, in this case the sun playing second fiddle to the misty foreground. Aperture was f5.3 Speed 1/320 Sec. on tripod with cable release.

I’ve yet to work all my morning subjects which included some HDR’s. I’ll post soon…

But I do have one that was sort of interesting…

Light Rays Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Light Rays Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Just as  I was exiting the Parkway, these fantastic rays of light were cutting through the mist. I yanked the steering wheel to the right and hopped out of the car. As the image was so washed out I thought an HDR (High Density Range) might help. I may have to work on this a bit. But that technique should be in everyone’s tool bag. It’s a good problem solver and not hard to execute. Appreciate comments…



Car in light rays Blue Ridge Parkway
Car in light rays Blue Ridge Parkway

This is what the scene looked liked — lots of mist. This car had just passed by as I was getting ready to make my first image – on of the few this early morning.

In the mean time, if you’re a lens Lugger, drop us something that speaks to you – for the blog.

Thanks, and keep shooting.



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