Escape and Rescue Caught on film … or just dumb Luck!

Caught on film, digitally… so to speak.

Shopping, Doggie in crate #1 with ArrowWe happened to have a moment free and noticed a regular patron of the Historic Farmers Market in Waynesville, NC with her little black Doggie — one of the cutest of all. As Carol was visiting her sisters in Buffalo. I thought I would get a shot of the little guy in his carrier as he/she would play with our little doggie. Snap!


All of a sudden he/she notices a playmate at another vendor – out of the crate he/she goes – escape! I missed that shot.

Where's the doggie --  Uh Oh!!  #2Within moments Mommy notices he/she is gone. – Snap!





But where? – Snap!WHAT THE HECK! #3







Where's the Doggie? #4There he is… – Snap!







Ah, safe – all is well!!  – Snap!Rescued!!







Safe !! Yea!Don’t do that again, Babie – or some words like that – Snap!





All’s well that ends well… and always have a camera with you!       Keep Shooting…

PS. This is not a reenactment – just dumb luck!

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