Love what you do…

Cognia, Gran Paradiso, Italy Bob Grytten Image
Cognia, Gran Paradiso, Italy Bob Grytten Image

Love What You Do. Do what you love… Nice concept. But how does one get there. There is actually a practical reason for loving what you do.

First, let me offer a postulate. “Things go in Cycles.” Do you agree with that? If you do then we’re on the same page. If you don’t – just hang with us for a moment….

Things go up and down. Economies go up and down. Some moods go up and down. House prices go up and down. Registrations at schools go up and down. Weight can go up and down. Enough already!

Here’s the point. When things are rosy, on the upswing, it seldom makes much difference what we’re doing. Things around us are good. But! When the economy takes a tumble — if we don’t like what we’re doing, it can SUCK!! Pure and simple – not a good place!

If we love what we’re doing, that down turn, is just an inconvenience — life is centered on what we do, not an outside situation!!

So, practically speaking, unless we love being in the toilet more often than not, we must find a way to that something which is our alpha and omega. When I first heard about finding those things which we are suited for, not just find a way to be motivated – it was like fireworks. When there’s happiness, harmony and fulfilment in our work, work is not something we do – it’s something we must do!

And it often rubs off on other things we do. My must do was photography. That activity turned me toward furniture making. When the market took a down turn in 2008, my $200-400.00 pieces of furniture stopped selling. I just kept doing thing. Not oblivious to what was happening, I knew full well the pain it must have been causing a lot of people. But my objectivity seemed to kick in. I came up with a new product in the $15 – $35 range. It became a hit and today with that product in a dozen galleries were approaching the next level of development.

So, life becomes worth living. Life is cool! Smiles are easy. And people love to be around you. But, how does one get to be doing what they love. what they’re suited for. Contrary to dogma, it ain’t always about education.

If you go to school to be a Doctor, and manage to do all the hoops right, and if not suited for it, h most likely will be unhappy. The money made may sooth the unhappiness — but, deep down is dissatisfaction. Something always seems to be missing.

Identifying our special gifts.

One place that tests for our natural abilities, began almost by accident, as history tells us. Reading from their own description on their site


The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization with two primary commitments: to study human abilities and to provide people with a knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them in making decisions about school and work. Since 1922, hundreds of thousands of people have used our aptitude testing service to learn more about themselves and to derive more satisfaction from their lives.


Aptitudes are natural talents, special abilities for doing, or learning to do, certain kinds of things. Manual dexterity, musical ability, spatial visualization, and memory for numbers are examples of such aptitudes. In a comprehensive battery of tests available only through the Foundation, these and many other aptitudes are measured. These measured traits are highly stable over long-term periods.>>

 I took their testing back in 1987 and it changed my career path and life. I learned a lot about myself…  including my prior missteps. Like, being compelled to look over my secretary’s shoulder after asking her to do something – that was my “subjective personality” I learned. Now, I know that I have to be close to my work – no delegating for me.

I also learned there is a a high correlation between music and photography, one of the factors that led me to my photo career. I also learned that I needed medium range gratification, not a candidate for cancer research. Also, scoring “Graphoria” explains my grammar ‘snafus’ and reminds me to keep a dictionary close by. When asking about writing, the advice – stay away from fiction, non-fiction OK.

At a crossroad, dissatisfied with things, or just beginning out? Take your future in your hands. The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation testing centers are located in eleven cities in the U.S. Check them out! We would  love to receive your feedback…

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