Mind Shift rotation 180 a hit – photographers buddy

I’ve been testing the Mind Shift rotation 180 bags for the past year…

I initially became excited about the pack because one of the drawbacks of carrying camera gear when in the field, is having to set it down to access the camera. Too many times it’s either to late to get the shot of the moment or I became distracted, and found myself walking away from my bag. To have a bag that I could easily access my camera to get that shot and replace it without having to take the pack off my shoulders would be great.

I was thinking mostly about my walks around a local lake – about 2 miles in length. So many times Geese of other water foul would suddenly be in the air and I was wishing for that long lens. When the first 180 rotation arrived, I was surprised about how light it felt, and how comfortable it was. Another nice thing – I could also have my tripod with me, attach comfortably to the back. I side arrangement was also possible. My Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 could lay in the part of the pack that rotated to the front while other gear was in the top/middle section.

My first time around the lake, I found the outfit very comfortable, considering the amount of gear I was toting. I also learned how unuse I was to the extra weight. I would have to build up my stamina. Although, I was also surprised how well I was able to handle it all.

First, I tested the original design and it was amazingly comfortable as well as functional. My Nikon D300 and 80-200f/2.8 lens fit right in the rotation part fo the pack. Just swing it around, unzip and it’s there. Quick for the Canada Geese or sweet patch of light. Great Blue Heron just out of range, down the slope, slip around a tree and set up for the flight shot. Click, Click Click!

Great Blue Heron , Lake Junaluska, NC USA, Watermark, Nikon d300, 80-200mm f/2.8 lens, f/3.2. 1/3200 sec.,, ISO 200, matrix metering, EV .07
Great Blue Heron , Lake Junaluska, NC USA, Watermark, Nikon d300, 80-200mm f/2.8 lens, f/3.2. 1/3200 sec.,, ISO 200, matrix metering, EV .07

I must admit that when the travel version came out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. A tad smaller than the original, and lighter, Nikon D300 and 18-200 Lens right up front. Tripod straps right on with plenty of room for city roaming gear and jacket.

rotation 180º Travel Away

Mind Shift rotation 180
Mind Shift rotation 180

Rotation backpacks provide the fastest access to your gear. Now MindShift introduces this patented, award-winning technology to travelers and outdoor explorers with the rotation180° Travel Away backpack. When traveling in unfamiliar places, knowing where your critical items are is very important. Having one place to access all of these necessities puts your mind at ease.

In one swift motion, only the wearer can rotate the concealed beltpack to the front for instantaneous and secure access to their camera, passport, guidebook, tablet, or other travel essentials. No more stopping to remove a backpack to gain access. Travelers will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their critical and most valuable items are stowed away securely and are inaccessible to others due to the rotation180° Travel Away’s innovative design. The backpack also has dedicated pockets to conceal a 15” laptop and 10” tablet, while the beltpack can fit an 8” tablet.

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