Change yields to time – accepting it…

Sunrise, Folly Baech, SC by Bob Grytten
Sunrise, Folly Baech, SC by Bob Grytten

I hadn’t thought about making changes until about an hour ago.  Yesterday I was delivering orders, today I find myself asking questions. It’s sort of exciting and sometimes a little scary.

I remember when we decided to sell our little place and move into a more expensive home. That had unsettling moments, in spite of thinking it through.

And no matter what I did the knot in my gut just wouldn’t go away. Today, we’re far better off than if we had stayed where we were. I know that now.

You’ll notice a change in the look of this blog. That’s part of the change. the rest is that I am excited about expanding our format. And just as I’m thinking about my next idea, the phone rings.

They’re unpacking boxes and I can get the empty ones for shipping our candles – aha, I’ll

Mountain Troll Candles
Mountain Troll Candles

talk more on that later  – they’re Mountain Troll Candles we started a few years ago and that’s exciting. Here’s what they look like, but for now I better check out those boxes.

Real quickly here’s a picture and there’s more information at Take a look. I want to talk about how these came about, when I get back.






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