Why look back?

Sunrise, Folly Baech, SC by Bob Grytten
Sunrise, Folly Baech, SC by Bob Grytten

Why look back? My cousin Dr. Chris Langheier says “Why ask Why?” Of course, that in between the tunes of  Tom Jones floating down the hall from his chiropractic office, as I lay on the table getting “tensed.” That was years ago. Then we’d go off to Angelo’s in nearby Holiday, FL and order a liter of wine to go with our Calamari diablo over Linguini. Some things are worth a look back.

But, I also have to reflect on one of the first personal growth teachers I had in St. Petersburg, FL. “Those of you in this class,” she said, “will not have to worry about suicide, because you’re here.” I thought that was interesting. So, I guess if one is striving for answers, that’s a positive. “If you are married, she also said, “make sure your partner receives the benefit (goes through) any programs like this. Becoming enlightened, can create a problem if one partner grows and the other doesn’t. Soon, one may occupy a space the other doesn’t relate to and they can grow apart.”

I took her warning very seriously, and when taking the Sylva Mind Control Program (called Mind Development) we both signed up.

I looked in on blogger oneanna65 and her cancerkillingrecipes site. Her current post was about pain and writing. It’s worth a look. She liked my site, so, I checked out her  blogging. That may be the best part of my blogging world.

Don’t give up.
Don’t ever give up…  Jimmy V

James Thomas Anthony “Jim” Valvano (March 10, 1946 – April 28, 1993), nicknamed Jimmy V, was an American college basketball coach and broadcaster.[1]

While the head basketball coach at North Carolina State University, he won the 1983 NCAA Basketball Tournament against long odds.[2] Valvano is not only remembered for running up and down the court after winning the 1983 NCAA championship, seemingly in disbelief and looking for someone to hug, but also for his inspirational 1993 ESPY Awards speech,[3] given just eight weeks before he died of cancer.[4]

Now, I didn’t start out thinking about this subject, but that something has taken over – so be it.

On Travel

If you love to travel and are short on budget, look for a new site that allows us to travel in return for a few hours work at a chateau – receive accommodations and food. 

Carol & Bob still like the warm climate when the cold north winds and snow blows in our mountain home in North Carolina, so this year we will again leave our toasty wood stove and travel to Treasure Island, Florida to the Lorelei Resort. This is a special place that welcomes pets, so we take our little Taco with us. He is a little 8 lb. Papillon mix. And pets stay free.

The motel is all fenced in so the dogs get to mix and play. The room has cooking facilities, bathroom and shower, a queen size bed, TV and is on Boca Ciega Bay and across from the Gulf of Mexico. The rooms are reasonably priced, less than $100/night. For more information you can call Randy at 727.360.4351

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