A new experiance Photo101and Blogging 101 — HOME

Today I began a new venture. Where is home?

Home. Where is home? Is it where I’m at – at the moment? Or those memories, smells and feeling of moisture on my face like Buffalo. Walking into that favorite bar in Clarence – the White Lodge, where I tended bar so many years, just sensing the feel of the place. the photo in my mind.

Am I to be there? in these times? — for right now it’s the wood stove and my computer – there’s the link and picture with camera.

So, as the fires roars in our tiny area…

Home #1 - 6AM Living room wponthego photo101Actually, this small town of Waynesville and smaller town of Clyde, where we actually live, have been feeling more like home every year over the past 15 years. Working here has helped.


And I think Carol’s work at the Haywood Community College is a center fold for here.

Yesterday, actually Saturday we took in the Winterfest in another small town within the county – Maggie Valley – first of an annual event – dog sledding er, on wheels when no snow. Carol did video. I did some V and still.

I’m putting together a video — have it shortly

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