Deepak Chopra, Meditiation, Balance and Photography

At 4:30 this morning it’s 58° in our normally cozy living room. The pot of coffee goes on and a fire gets started in the little wood stove. I’m still bathing in the afterglow of a program I watched last night on the UNC public TV.

Illumination over Purchase Knob by Bob Grytten
Illumination over Purchase Knob by Bob Grytten

My life journey has taken me through many disciplines. Of course there was formal schooling, then university studies, mentors of self awareness, Silva Mind Development meditation, Chatham studies of interpersonal dynamics, Joe Goldsmith’s Infinite Way and of course my personal experiences through the lens. Each has brought a life stream worth of rich teachings. Last night there was new material.

Deepak Chopra, in his remarks, brought everything into crystal clarity. I have been aware of the benefits of meditation. “Balance, healing and transformation from within,” as Chopra puts it. Reduce stress, boost energy and restore health. I get that, and am reminded of the importance of meditation, and also know I’ll have to get back to a more regular regiment. That was helpful.

When he began talking about Spiritual solutions and greater understanding of life’s purpose, and where do we go when we die, he piqued my interest. When he spoke of “the God in each of us,” that really got my attention. I feel my personal relationship with God is pretty healthy, but I rarely hear it discusse this openly. For me it’s a private thing.

He recounted the scientific and biological acknowledgment of physical changes and

Yellow Lady Slipper, Lake Junaluska Bob Grytten Photo
Yellow Lady Slipper, Lake Junaluska Bob Grytten Photo

“production of elements” through meditation. Then, he relayed how these biological elements actually enhances our own understanding of life and deep communication with Source, releasing us from doubt and question about our own relationship with the eternal.

Not something out there, but within, and a process to self awareness. For me, it was a new awareness of the power of meditation and prayer. For any seeker, these were undeniable paths to deeper, richer, more fulfilling secrets, not only to more vibrant health, but spiritual understanding as well.                                                           As Chopra says, “The Devine is within.”

This was a powerful presentation, and I couldn’t help but wonder how this new information would be received. I’m also aware that there are many who are searching for answers. His presentation was in conjunction with the UNC fund raiser and like most fund raisers, Chopra has CD’s and books available on the subject.

Sea Gull & Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, FL Bob Grytten image
Sea Gull & Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, FL Bob Grytten image

So, how does this fit with Photography? Well for one thing, personally, I think it completes the circle. Understanding begets understanding. I know in my own life meditation has been responsible for developing a richer understanding of myself, and developing purpose. Becoming more fully in tune with life, can only have a net effect of reflecting that awareness in our work. “Beauty is as beauty does,” so to speak.

As a discipline worth pursuing, photography was answered when I first viewed through the long lens, a tiny crawling creature in motion, as this brightly colored life, as if painted in reoccurring patterns, inched it’s way along a branch. At that moment there was no question about the existence of a prime mover’s hand over even the least of beings.

So, I welcome such a renewal on the subject. I’m looking forward to exploring this new resource. Let the light shine in.

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