Native wildflowers close by – photography subjects

P1100607webcopyThis morning I heard about the farmer that set aside 44 Acres of cropland to plant native flowers. His purpose grew out of an experience in Mexico with Monarch Butterflies

Given all the pesticides used in farming & loss of wild lands, reportedly the Monarchs are losing their food source – milkweed.

Ready Photography source…

We have planted wildflowers, Shrubs & Trees  for years as it is easy to manage and attracts wildlife and birds without the need for artificial means. It is a great source of photographic subject. As light is a significant factor in outstanding images, our opportunities rise greatly to capture that element when it happens right out our front door. Also, bird life, insects and butterflies are attracted to wildflowers, shrubs & trees.

Couple that with changing seasons, natural elements like dew, frost & rain and their favorite food and habitat and one has winning combinations for photography. Add the magic of light and one’s photography is elevated to a new level of excellence. It requires little travel, and is opportunistic for the photographer. Few things can be as encouraging as those experiences for growth for us as photographers. And when I’m inspired to go out shooting, I only have to look outside my window.

How to know what to plant…

Look for the local Native Plant Society or similar in your area. They usually will have a lot of useful information. Or check with the local nursery. The key is to plant the things that grow in your area, the right plant for the right area.

Swallowtail Butterfly Davidson river by bob Grytten
Swallowtail Butterfly Davidson river by bob Grytten

This butterfly wasn’t photographed at my home but when out, notice the plants the critter is on. If you can ID it (take a picture) Plant the same thing in your yard.

The key is to start. Do a little at a time.

Bee on Tickseed Sunflower in backyard by Bob Grytten
Bee on Tickseed Sunflower in backyard by Bob Grytten





Check with Amazon or local Bookstore for Books that help you to plant the right thing for the right area.

Have fun…

Bob says, Thanks!
Bob says, Thanks!


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