Using HDR to solve photo problems – simplified

Clouds over Waynesville, NC by Bpb Grytten
Clouds over Waynesville, from the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC by Bpb Grytten

This image is the result of taking three separate pictures, each with a different exposure, and merging them into one image. We then made it a B&W, simply because it is so much more Dramatic.

So, once one does that a couple of times, it becomes easy and we can use it to solve problems. Such is the technology of Digital Photography.  Here the procedure in simple terms. It’s something that can help ones photography greatly.

  • Take three images: EV00; +2EV; -2EV
  • Upload to Photomatix.
  • Press run…

The  Problem…

The camera does not normally see like the human sees. The brain sees everything in the image, then puts together all the variables to makes one image in our mind in color, unless we’re color blind.

The camera needs reference points. reducing everything to grey, often missing details when white & black are in the same image. That’s where HDR comes in.

Today,however, we’re seeing some picture taking deices like iPhones and iPads build into those device an HDR like feature. Find other HDR features in Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture.

However, nothing happens until we do it.

Happy shooting,

Bob says, Thanks!
Bob says, Thanks!



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