Camera on the Ready, Basic Techniques

Winter Wky Sunset by Bob Grytten
Winter Sky Sunset by Bob Grytten Lens set at 22mm, Aperture Priority, f/3.5, 1/25sec, 0EV, ISO 200

It’s more difficult to predict what nature will offer than it is to be ready with camera. One’s chances of interesting skies; however, occurs from sunset to an hour after, just as in the morning it’s usually best to be on location an hour before sunrise. The magic hours.

This is one of those, “Just stick your camera out there and fire” shots, with two set ups. The first is using a tripod, then you can set the aperture any place and let the shutter speed fall where it may. However, I don’t recall using a tripod and because the aperture is set at only f/3.5, I think I may have been LUCKY that it’s as sharp as it is.

The second set up was to place the brightest part of image in one of the rule of thirds intersecting lines. In this image the lower right area. Graphically that single move can make the difference in the image.

Winter Sky 2 by Bob Grytten Lens set at 50mm, Aperturte Priority, f/6.3, 1/2500sec, EV-1.3
Winter Sky 2 by Bob Grytten Lens set at 50mm, Aperture Priority, f/6.3, 1/2500sec, EV-1.3

This image was made on the same property; but, during sunrise. I can’t resist the interesting clouds in the sky. Once again the brightest spot is placed where the ROT lines intersect.

Also, when incorporating other elements of the image running along the actual ROT line, the image is further strengthened.

Using this simple but effective Graphic tool can lift any simple subject out of the ordinary.

In both these images, the tree falls somewhat on the ROT axis, strengthening both images.

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