Ice on foliage not happening… Problem solved with HDR

Hill of Ice by Bob Grytten
Hill of Ice by Bob Grytten

Having a problem getting ice on bushes and tree limbs to show up on the image as I saw it, I just went on to something else, knowing I would have to figure out that situation later.

Then, this morning, while doing some house clearing of my desktop, I came across the two images that were taken that Day of Ice…

Hill of Ice -original
Hill of Ice -original

This is the first one I took.

Not quite what I expected, as the Ice on bushes and tree limbs was very brilliant in true life.  In fact all the way through the image a cold snap had left the morning with a sheet of ice.



Hill of Ice, coverted to B&W
Hill of Ice, converted to B&W

I converted the image to Black & White.

This didn’t work either… to show the ice crystals.

Then I wondered what a B&W and color version of the same image might look like if I put them together, just as an exercise.

I opened my Photomatix Pro program and selected the original image, then selected the B&W image so both of them were now in the “recording box.” I then followed the prompts to align and process the two images…

I was amazed with what came up. The resulting image is the one we opened this blog with above. Quite a difference – sparkling bushes, trees of ice crystals along with a very interesting coloration. Enough of a change to open a discussion with.

Open for discussion…

Both Photomatix programs can be downloaded no charge. Use them, along with the tutorial, and see what you think. While you are trying it out, “Photomatix” Watermarks will appear across the image but will disappear if you decide to purchase.


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