Hiking with camera

Beverly Slone Woodvine ©When Beverly Slone hikes she takes her camera.

When I asked her for some information about her hike, this is what she said. “We hiked along the Green River Trail when I notice this Wood Anemone with the nice greenery and background and thought it might make a nice image – Used Canon 50D with a Tamron 28-270 at 184 mm, ISO 400.”

But what else does she take? Extra Lenses, filters, tripod, Poncho?

And where is the extra gear put? in a Backpack. We use to have gear in a backpack. It wasn’t unusual to set it down to retrieve gear, then become involved in something else and walk away from the pack.

Now, thanks to Mind Shift and Think Tank, we have some alternatives.

I really like the Rotation 180°, either the original pack or the smaller and lighter versions. Your camera rides in the pack in a well supported hip bag. when you need it, it simply (after a little familiarity) slides around to the front to access the camera. the pack never has to come off.  For Video on using the Rotation 180° go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_HInTpEc1w#t=86
For special pricing go to http://www.mindshiftgear.com/products/house-of-cards#oid=14_1

Our friends at MindShift Gear just released three new products for outdoor photographers.

Providing rapid access for filter changes, the Filter Nest Mini and the Filter Hive Mini offer protection and ease in compact cases. For those who do not need the capacity of larger filter cases, these offer a great option for keeping filters at the ready. The Filter Nest Mini fits four round filters (up to 82 mm) including a variable ND.  The Filter Hive Mini fits four square/rectangular filters (up to 4 x 6 or 100 x 150 mm).

The new House of Cards lightweight memory card wallet offers convenient storage and protection for your memory cards. Offered in easy-to-locate Tahoe Blue color, photographers can quickly find and organize six CF and three SD cards. The built in business card holder makes for easy identification. Its orange colored elastic band offers silent access plus additional wallet security. The House of Cards’ removable tether clip allows it to be worn on the outside for quick access.

Get more information here…
House of Cards


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