Springs a popping for Photographers and nature lovers in the Mountains

White and Ping Dogwood by Bob GryttenHere in the mountains we’re pow-wowing until 11AM, then depart Edna’s coffee shop in Asheville, NC. Onto Merriman Ave, heading south and I glance to my left. Wow!! some great color with nifty background. Should I go back. Naw! Then something says, Better go Baaack!”

Getting into the left hand lane I U-turn and pull into the Esso Gas station.

BUMMER! Someone has just pulled into the spot I was hopeing to shoot. Oh Well, at least the rain has slowed. Grabbing my Nikon d300 with mounted 80-200 f2.8 lens, I side out. There’s enough light. Hand holding and looking through the view finder I scan the scene. A dozen images later I’m back in the car. The rain has picked up.

On Builtmore Ave now, and I remember about a dogwood I thought looked nice but couldn’t get the scene from the roadside. I’m looking, oh yes just at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just up ahead. Ah there it is. Nobody behind me. I pull over to the Dogwoodn and Spring Green by Bob Gryttenside of the road. Brake on and camera in hand, the wipers working harder now. I’ll have to time this, through the windshield.

Ah, isn’t spring grand.

For more images from other Lens Luggers go to lensluggers.com and www.lensluggerworld.com.

Workshops are beginning. For residence and those in the Western North Carolina area during May, join us at our Field Photography Programs May 5-June 2, 2015 get details bobgry@aol.com

And look for one day and weekend programs beginning in May…

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