For travelers on a budget… or who want to meet new friends

Carol & Bob at Ms. Katies GreeceCarol & I have been exchanging homes for years now with It’s been a terrific help in locating places to stay without cleaning our travel budget. We even usually exchange cars. The side benefit is the warm feeling we receive back – hosting a family from a foreign country to ours.

Advance announcement…

Now, HomeforExchange is offering a different kind of program to meet the needs of travelers. The new project is: is a marketplace for connecting hosts to volunteers.

A typical host is looking for help with a ‘project’ and in return for this help he accommodates the helper,Costa Rica Park, Cahuita by Bob Grytten which we call the ‘volunteer’. A typical volunteer is a traveler who either has a low budget or wants to meet new friends and  earns by helping out.

The concept is not new, but our approach is. We are not limiting ourselves to for instance ‘organic farming’. The host’s project could be anything from fixing the roof to building a house. Common help projects are related to gardening, language practice, child care, third world projects.

Both hosts and volunteers can join free of any charge, our slogan is: “No Stay No Pay”. Only if a host and a volunteer have found each other will we charge a small service fee.

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