Another travel route – FREE AIRFARE?

Gran Paradiso italy. We keep looking …
Gran Paradiso Italy. We keep looking …

I can’t tell you when this happened, but it was current enough to make my story valid.

I had an inspiration to re-research a trip my wife had been yearning to take, with me of course. Mostly, they seemed over priced for us. We save $200 a month in what we call a vacation account so we have a little Kitty to work with. Every time we think of a neat location we bump into that “old guard of the airspace” – the Air Fare.

For some odd reason, there I was Googling River Boat Cruises, and every time we found an interesting place, there was that, “not fair” Air Fare. Then Carol showed up and I told her what I was doing. Suddenly new life was breathed into my project.

Remembering that my friend Duke had booked a cruise I e-mailed

You mentioned you were including a river cruise on your upcoming French trip. Carol wants to do a River cruise. How did you pick yours? any suggestions?”

His answer…

“We’ve heard so many good things about the Viking experience and that’s whom we chose. They’ve been very good, so far, and we’ll know soon. One couple liked it so much, they booked their next one before disembarking.

Just go to their site, which is what we did, selecting the Chateau and Wines River Cruise out of Bordeaux. Booked way in advance and got a two for one deal. Some friends tried to book one for September, but whole cruise already booked.

There are two things I really like at this point: You dock in the city center; you unpack ONCE for a whole week! For $200, we got them to schedule our return flight from Paris a week after the cruise so I can do my Valerie Jardin “Paris Through The Lens” workshop.”

So, I googled Viking Cruises just as Carol motioned, Here’s a brochure we received from Viking Cruises, she announced, it says here “get Free all-inclusive air.” It came a week or so ago.

I sort of remembered it but paid little attention at the time. We dialed the number and a live voice was on the phone. She confirmed the Free air. Suddenly we were ready to book, and picked a trip for only $1,999 for 8 Days all-inclusive including air, taxes & transfers. Air alone during that time cost $3808.08 round trip, unbelievable. Unfortunately that trip was booked up, so we settled for a trip to Bordeaux  –  Chateau, Rivers & Wine for $500 more apiece.

Now that we have a trip and Free air, while in Europe we only have to pay a Diversion fee of $200 to come back later and extend out trip. Not a bad deal in my book.

Air paid for — add more travel time!

This opened up another route to consider when looking to cut down on air fair for overseas travel. I signed up with another source that will send us special incentive tours. It may increase e-mail traffic but we’ll see what happens. Let us know if you find similar “good deals” and we’ll pass the word along.

As a post note, I did apologize to Carol for not paying more attention to her original mention of this offer when it came through. Just gotta listen better…

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