Just who are the Lens Luggers??

Hi all,I am asked who we are sometimes, so for the benefit of our guests and to remind ourselves, this probably says it best, from LinkedIn

Beverly Slone & Charles Johnson at Looking Glass Falls
Beverly Slone & Charles Johnson at Looking Glass Fallsbest, as found on Linkiden.

Photography either becomes an dogged activity about finding something to photograph, selecting a beloved lens, setting apertures, shutter speeds and ISO’s, focusing, adjusting, refocusing and finally when the picture looks just right releasing the shutter or doing a dance of life – celebrating, emerging ourselves in the exploration with the camera becoming our tool to record our adventure. Here at Lens Lugger World, we encourage the dance – the Art of Photography. We do; however, bring the technical part of photography along but, learn and apply it along the way – like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.

Award winning Duke Miller at Don McDonald Wide Angle Clinic
Award winning Duke Miller at Don McDonald Wide Angle Clini

So when one enrolls in a Field Photography Program they will find themselves in a hands-on active program. We will be doing the dance. And for those who have been through the program before, they most likely be finding something to photograph apart from the smaller group. That is their choice. And they know they are always welcome to join the smaller group or ask about something of their choice.

Looking Glasss Falls - Ron Gibson

Everyone grows at their own pace. So, we practice an individual approach when in the field, so we can better fill in the places to help as needed. When we rejoin on Tuesday Evenings, everyone joins in the discussion. We’re usually fortunate to have the veterans share their perspective and help to gently guide the discussion toward what helps and image communicate better. There is seldom a good or bad image, only more effective or less effective, as we always learn from practice. When an outstanding example comes up, the technique and process is usually shared, if the author knows why. If not, it reminds us that often our intuition plays an important role. So both left brained and right brained experiences are OK and welcome.

For those signed up for the May 5- June 2, 2015 program, this will provide an idea of what to expect. For those who have wondered about what we do, let me assure you it becomes apparent in the field, with joyous expression. So, where ever you are…

Lens luggers at Foto Fest 2010.jpg   Pictured, Kevin Adams, Beverly Slone, Linda Vannetta, Duke Miller, Bob McIntyre , deceased, Bob Grytten kneeling
FotoFest #1 2010

Happy shooting,


Bob Grytten
Lens Lugger Photographic Association
PO Box 1153
Waynesville, NC 28786
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