the WHY of Photography

Rays over Lake Junaluska
Rays over Lake Junaluska

This morning as I read my email, I was introduced to something that I have believed, but  somehow forgotten while along my way. Temporarily, I’m sure. Because yesterday, during our first day in the Field Photography Series, I was reliving my dream. Six of us were there. Two had been through these programs before and went off on their own, and three photographers were with me for the first time.

Robin's-plantian along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bob Grytten Photo
Robin’s-plantain along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Bob Grytten Photo

What I experienced was an opportunity to share what I believe to be the Why of the photographic experience.

Usually, participants are most interested in just getting out in the field for that experience, which we’re pleased to be part of also. These three seemed more eager to hear and learn; a meeting of the minds.

One participant was in transition from film to digital format. One had found his way back to SLR from an unsuccessful experience with the Mirrorless Format.  And one was overflowing with having discovered a new purpose in life through this media.

Photographig in River with Smart Phone
Photographing in River with Smart Phone

He was recommended to us from another Lens Lugger graduate, for additional work. As he relayed his story over the phone to me, I sensed his energy, this new found way of expressing himself. His equipment? A Smart Phone and Tablet.

So the three of us shared ideas and procedures, visions and techniques. There we were showing each other images we had captured, making jokes and telling little personal stories. There were suggestions of ways to compose images to better reflect where we were and what we were experiencing.

By the time our morning ended, I knew that my own batteries had been recharged. My own Why has been rekindled.

Then this morning, I was following a thread of The “Why”of Life – Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why,”  Not the How or What of things but a way to connect in helping each other.

I’m sure there will be more of this in future blogs.

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  1. I’m the guy with the Android devices, and in this experience with lensluggars has really helped me out. We all have our own style but the basics are presented factual and true. It is an experience that will stay with me forever. Thanks brother Bob–Dan Dry


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