Sony Mirrorless Camera shows it’s stuff, happy news for traveling photographers.

Yellow Iris 210mm, AP, f/6.3, 180 sec Hand Held with Sony a6000, and 55-210mm kit lens set at 210mm
Yellow Iris 210mm, AP, f/6.3, 180 sec Hand Held with Sony a6000, and 55-210mm kit lens set at 210mm

I’m still in the throes of decision-making about photo equipment for travel, this morning I’m out shooting in low 7AM light, pleasantly surprised. As primarily a nature shooter that likes to travel, natural looking images drive my craft.

This Yellow Iris shot was hand-held, at 210mm and as you may know, I’m a strong advocate for tripods. If you drink coffee, this shot would not be possible, and I do like my coffee. It’s a tribute to the image stabilization feature of the Sony a600o mirrorless camera and lens set up.

That’s good news for traveling, as most of the time my tripod is in the suitcase. I learned early on that being seen with a tripod in many foreign countries will prompt an approach by someone official asking so to see my photo pass. They automatically assume you’re a pro. And in some place, they won’t even allow admittance.

Protecting ourselves…

Plus a tripod is not very conducive to blending in with the populace and taking those back alley or cafe site cultural pics. Good idea to leave the photo vest at home as well. Who wants to advertise expensive photo equipment. On that note, insuring equipment is also a good idea. If your insurer can’t porvide it, think about taking out an Inland Marine Policy. The premium is only about 1% of the value with no co-pay and they cover mysterious disappearance.


This image of a Rhododendron handles the under exposed feature well without apparent noise. That’s a real plus. We’ve enlarged the image, so that “noise” would be more apparent if there is any. In post production by checking  images at 100% enlargement  sharpness or lack of it will be apparent. Noise is generally noticeable then also. And it also shows up when a high ISO is used.

Nilon larger Camera vs Sony a6000
Nilon larger Camera vs Sony a6000

I began looking for a mirrorless camera, because, when I’m not hiking, I’m walking around Lake Junaluska, a local 2.2 mi gem that usually has a lot of wildlife activity. My super duper long lens outfit is my Nikon D300 with Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 lens. It weighs 5.25 Lbs compared with 1-7/8 lb lbs for the Sony a6000 and 55-210 f/3.5-6.3 lens. It is also bulky. Reducing bulk and weight are also things improvements for traveling.

Aside from the weight & bulk, the mirrorless cameras have very good video, which I can use.

For more information and photography tips go to or

Bob says, Thanks!
Bob says, Thanks!

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