New Camera?

Yellow Iris by Bob Grytten
Yellow Iris by Bob Grytten

When my new camera (Sony mirrorless) arrived, I got busy shooting it against/and with my ole Tried & True DSLR outfit. I ordered an adapter so I could use my old (and great) lenses.

I shot the new camera with the old lenses and fumbled around with the new controls murmuring under my breath. This wasn’t what I had in mind. Then put the ole lens back on the ole friendly body and click, click, click. In amazement what I was getting was some of the nicest stuff I had in a while.

I was shooting a patch of Yellow Iris which are always there this time of year.

WHY? WHY? No tears though, just frustration.

Now I am backing up a bit. All those new people, that I had taken for granted. Now I am realizing what they had been going through. It couldn’t have been easy. And the last month is beginning to make sense, sort of. But, I’m not supposed to have this new camera syndrome.

So, I guess you’ll see a kinder and gentler Bob, from this point on. And a new cheerleader for those who are learning. Just stay with it. It will get better. Find just one thing that works for you, then add just one more curiosity at a time. Check the manual that came with your camera to see what it means, and move along a bit at a time – like eating an elephant.

And for the rest of us?, let’s keep in mind that beauty is all around us. We have only to get camera on tripod.

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