The wonder of being in nature…

In nature, sometimes I feel at home and sometimes alone. I suppose there is a reason why I head out by myself, an impulse.

One time I spent over an hour just sitting in one spot on the ground, looking around, photographing things. None of my pictures from that time are memorable; but those moments alone I remember often.

Bill Thomas, photojournalist and occasional workshop leader, unfortunately no longer with us, one said, “If you want to photograph nature just head out, sit down and it will come to you.”

Be still and listen.

Dandoline  “Hanging On”

Through the long lens, sitting next to a trail.

Nature doing her thing, no hand of man.

Cataloochee Grass

Tiny things are special, too…

Rhodedentrun Leaf

Through the long lens, some things, normally hidden…

Service Berry, by bob Grytten
Service Berry, by Bob Grytten

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