Photos that Tell The Story without needing a caption…

You talk'n to me…? Captured at John's Pass in Treasure Island, FL by Bob
You talk’n to me…? Captured at John’s Pass in Treasure Island, FL by Bob

Before moving to the mountains, we spent 30+ years in Florida, hiking, sailing,  photographing, writing and getting published. Those were the days my friends, as the song goes…

Not wishing to trade our rich mountain life to go back, but we do still have sand in our sandals, and make it back whenever we can or over to Charleston, only 5 hr away.

Still, with have many friends from the old “F/8 and being there…” days, the newsletter we were honored to publish, with over 450 subscribers through out the US and some in Europe and Asia. And some of our subscribers drop us news from time to time…

But it wasn’t until we moved here in North Carolina, that the other ‘ole Viking, Jack Swenningson, began to send clips of his yesteryear works. Lo and behold, if what he was doing didn’t remind me of what I had learned to do to create an effective image, from dear friend and colleague Rohn Engh, now sadly departed.

Rohn taught us to have a non-distracting background, then put people in it and add a symbol to say what or where the image was about and have involvementa guy using an air pump on a bicycle tire for a girl, or something like that. It works no matter what the subject, and unless we’re just talking about plain elements of photography, it tells the story without the need of a caption.

Well, the other day I received another missive from ‘ole Jack and want to share it with my friends. It’s a story worth repeating because it also reminds us of what we can do with our camera to effect the lives of those around us as well as ourselves. So, here tis. Enjoy and your comments are certainly invited, as usual. Jack in Northeast Journal

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