View from the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

Roving Reporter…

Turks Cap Lily - close

Flash!! Turks Cap Lily to be huge Bloom this year!

Don McGowan, naturalist and nature photographer, on a recent scouting trip with Bob Grytten on Blue Ridge Parkway reports that from what he sees, there will be a HUGE Bloom this year.

“And, the mountain mint is now in full bloom!”

“Another thing,” says McGowan, the Rosebay Rhododendron are in full bloom, now!

Our trip takes us up Rt 276 from Brevard.  We stopped at the Fish Hatchery to exercise our equipment where a crowd of tourists almost pushed the fishermen out of the Davidson River. One guy there complained “There were so many people I only caught two trout.”

Looking Glass Falls early, early morning. Bob Grytten image

On we went, our destination Looking Glass Falls. But, just as we had expected, it too was loaded with people. Next time we’ll be there early, early morning.

Life offers three choices; Swim against the tide till exhaustion, tread water and be swept away or go with the tide, nature’s way of taking us where were meant to go…

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