Monopods and Photographing bees

Bee on Pickerel Rush
Bee on Pickerel Rush

The other morning walking past one of the ponds I noticed how many bees were buzzing around the Pickerel Rush. Then I recalled an article I had read about using monopods.

It wasn’t long before I was back at the pond with camera on monopod.

For flying critters, the monopod does provide a more stable platform than trying to hand hold the camera. In lower light conditions, a tripod still works best, however.

Usually shooting at Aperture Priority and letting the camera adjust the shutter speed, on this shoot I used Programed Auto.  In this mode the camera selects the fastest shutter speed possible, then adjusts the aperture for proper exposure. These bees dart back and forth almost faster than one can follow. To get this one image 55 exposures were made.

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