Travel Photography, part 2

Sunset over Bourg, FR
Sunset over Bourg, FR

Travel Photography is like Nature Photography in that you do everything the same way, but usually without the tripods. I know there are a lot of places in the good old USA to explore and we love doing that, too. And overseas travel is expensive. So it has to be more than another place to take pictures. It’s more like exploring old stuff, old culture, old architecture, ancient by our standards.

We’re fascinated with other cultures. Here’s a bit of new information we found out while on our travels in Bordeaux. It’s ancient stuff but this is the first time we encountered it. Like it’s been hidden from us. Seems like there’s more than wine and castles about.

Where did Slavery begin?

We learned that slavery spans nearly every culture, nationality and religion. Slavery was a legally recognized system. Slavery did not begin in the USA. It was thriving in Europe before the US. Africans were loaded on sailing ships and transported to France, England and other countries, treated as commodity and used to barter for other goods. Then they were traded again. The Musee d’ Aquitaine in Bordeaux tells the story complete with models of the sailing ships used to transport this human cargo. It was an eye opener. More on this later…

Bordeaux, FR Kitten Curtin
Bordeaux, FR Kitten Curtain

On Equipment…

Small camera outfits usually work well because you can melt into the crowd, sort of. It’s less intrusive. When sitting at a small cafe having coffee, most people don’t pay a lot of attention. Even a smart phone does almost as well a bulky DSLR. When reviewing the images taken on this trip about 75% could have been taken with a smart phone. However, I use a telephoto to help isolate some things. But now it’s a smaller one. Absolutely necessarily? No. But I use the long lens regularly when at home as well, so part is habit.

One can always crop an image; however for that one we’ll need a better resolution than a regular cell phone. My choice of lenses on this trip was the 16-50mm. It covers tight areas and reached out to the 75mm short telephoto.

Do I have to go on a tour organized for photographers?

Bordeaux Street Scene
Bordeaux Street Scene

Yesterday morning, Duke & I were comparing our trips. He took the same one. We both agreed that one can go on a non photographer trip with a group and one can get plenty of useful images.

It does help to be able to work efficiently, however. Most of the time I shot this trip on Programed Auto, which selects the fastest shutter speed then selects the Aperture for proper exposure. This almost assures us of a decent image.

Do I need a Model release?

Bordeaux Street Scene #3
Bordeaux Street Scene #3

If I can include people in my street scenes I do, if it will help tell the story. A model release is not required as guaranteed by our constitution in the US; however, in a foreign country learn how to ask permission in their language. It is a common courtesy and the right thing to do.

Taking pictures of signs can help ID a photo later.

Bordeaux Church Notice
Bordeaux Church Notice

Most importantly enjoy the moments…

Bordeaux Tree lined walk
Bordeaux Tree lined walk



Bordeaux - couple of waitresses - “Sure” they said Click
Bordeaux – couple of waitresses – “Sure” they said Click

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