Butterflies in wind photoshoot. How do they hang on??

Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly on iironweed blossom
Pipevine ST Butterfly on iironweed blossom

Stumbling upon butterflies collecting nectar on ironweed blossoms is a hard opportunity to pass up. Working with the Sony a6000 video setting was a blast. This is a good opportunity to use the monopod, as the camera, even a light one becomes heavy, effecting one’s work. Add a flash provides full color spectrum as well as to help stop the action when making still shots.

On this impromptu shoot I did neither. But I did take/make a lot of images. How do I select the ones for display. Well, I go through them and knock out the obvious mistakes – out of focus, etc. Then when I go back through, I look for those that have some kind of pizzaz. You’ll know them – they pop right out. I save one as a Tiff, and reduce the size of the other one to 96DPI, with 1024 Pixels on the longest side and save it as a JPG in the same folder entitled Butterflies. If I’m going to use it right away I put the watermark on it (copyright notice).

But I think this video will give a pretty good idea of the elements. It sure was windy. The main character in this event was the Pipevine ST on ironweed blossoms.

I used a tune from Brollywacker Album on the video. I saw the artists at an art show in Florida and thought at some place it might be a good fit to use with my images. They said that would be OK, so I scribbled a little note reminding me to spell their name correctly for the credit. I bought the album & they signed it. I think it’s a good fit.

I still don’t know why the butterflies are beating their wings so fast while nectaring. If you have an idea, I would appreciate knowing.

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