Having a camera handy can be an important step to better photography…

Who was it that said, “We become what we think about all day long.”

Perhaps that is why having a camera with us always is important.

It could be a DSLR, Point ‘n Shoot or even a Smartphone.

First, I saw a painter at work, “read play.”

On a Walk this morning…
On a Walk this morning…

Why take this picture?? Because as a photographer, we engage ourselves in our surrounding.

Some photographers might say, “But I just like to use the equipment.” Nothing wrong with that. That is the first part of the full photographic experience.

For me, I see stories. Just after taking this image I was thinking, it night be interesting to find out about that artist, what, how, when, why?

By the way have you noticed the Chicago Cubs lately. They’re on fire! 24 wins in their last 25 games! The best record for then since 1938. Ever since Joe Maden came to the cubs last year as manager. I still recall his saying We’re planning to be in the world series next year, or words of that effect. Outlandish, they said. Everything begins with the first step. Sometimes with one person, with the right attitude.

Here is the second thing I spotted on our walk.On a Walk this morning…Mushroom 1

At first it looked like a golf ball set up on a tee.

This I asked Carol to cast a shadow across the Mushroom as we’re in bright sunlight. Mushroom close

What a neat chance occurence.

Then we’re back to the car and off.  All of a sudden two other artists right up ahead of us. I stop the car, put the break on, and grab the camera.

finally two more artists

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