In Charleston we like Bowens Island restaurant…

Near Folly Beach, Bowens Restaurant keeps us coming back.

Restaurant waitingOpen at 5PM we like to get there early and do some photography so we don’t have to wait to get a seat, so we sit at the Bar.

Dogs are allowed on the deck…


Some like to paddle their way there…

Get there by paddle board
Get there by paddle board
Bowans Restaurant, Get there by Boat_
Bowans Restaurant, Get there by Boat_

Some come by boat…

We usually drive, but get there anyway you can.

Because the beer is cold and the seafood is piled high…

We ordered the big ‘ole Seafood Platter $21 and split it. Most other Entrees are around $14. It’s a great opportunity to sample some of the new Charleston Craft Brews and Carol has the wine.

Seafood piled highThis is the Big ‘Ole Seafood Platter. Whiting fish fried, just about as good as you can get it. We like the Shrimp broiled Boiled shrimpor you can get it fried and crabcakes and hushpuppies round out the platter.

In season, the local oyster are a special treat.

We’re not going to tell you any more about the oysters. You’ll just have to find out for your selves. This is about as Old Town as it gets. Have fun…

How to get there: Take 17 toward Folly Beach on James Island (Charleston Area). Just before the busy part of Folly Beach you turn right at the sign to Bowans Island. Keep driving until you reach the Oyster shells.

If you Google Bowens Island Restaurant, you’ll have an opportunity to see the rest of the menu and comments about this place. It’s paper plates, salt marshes with bird life and Low Country scenics. For us it’s about as good as it gets, for our Charleston “Fix.”

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