One Hundred and One Ways to Make Money with Photography – PART 1

Bob says…
Bob says…

“Find a need and fill it,” someone once said. We may be sitting on a fortune and not even know it.

Publications Need photography…

Rohn Engh’s book Sell and Resell Your Photos was one of the first books I read when first picking up a camera as a career move. He described how magazines and newspapers NEED pictures to help illustrate articles for their publications. He also went on to describe the kind of images that editors needed. How to select the publications

Bob's first Publication Credit SORC Published Southern Boating Mag 1987
Bob’s first Publication Credit
SORC Published Southern Boating Mag 1987

that need the kind of images we produced, how to approach them, what was standard in the business, and how much they would pay for our work. Unfortunately Rohn’s brilliant publications ceased with his passing last year; however, he has left behind a treasure of marketing techniques and teachings that can help provide a track to run on.

Since then, I have discovered many different ways to turn my work into Cash.

Barter opportunities…

And in some situations, I have even been able to trade my work for products and services I needed. I recall showing some of my pictures, which just happen to be laying in the back seat of my car, to a tire dealer while inquiring about new tires for my car. What I hadn’t expected was that he offered me a set of new tires in exchange for some of my work. We’ll be covering more real life situations, as a way to help expand our mental horizons.

Gift shops and Galleries Need merchandise for their shelves.

Sitting on stacks of images depicting our area, I discovered a way to turn $1 into $5 and bundle sets of 20 images into sales of $100 each bundle while providing the merchant with a 300% markup.  Customers loved to buy these as gift items for others as well as themselves. Obviously merchants loved this. No, it wasn’t Greeting cards, although that is another avenue to generate income. But this idea can work in your very location or throughout the world for that matter.

Our home during the Greek Islands Sail 2011
Our home during the Greek Islands Sail 2011

This merchandise can be produced at home, sold locally and provide  extra income. Extra income to travel, purchase extra equipment or just eat out more often.

Develop a business at the same time, with future opportunities to sell it when it no longer fits you needs. Being one’s own boss, working flexible hours, while most importantly enjoying it, can lead to harmony, and a sense of accomplishment. In these times, many have to do work they may not really enjoy. We like to be involved in more worthwhile opportunities. There are options.

The booklet that lays out the step by step process described above is in the production stage now and will be available shortly. If interested in reserving your personal copy now, let us know at for a special 40% pre-production discount off the Regular $7.95 price. It will include actual case, models and list of suppliers. If not satisfied return it for a 100% no questions asked refund of every penny.

Aboard sailing vessel in Greek Islands
Aboard sailing vessel in Greek Islands

We’ll be covering may more ways to turn your work into extra cash in future posts. Just follow us so you won’t miss a beat. And please drop a line about some special needs or issues you may have encountered, that we might be able to offer suggestions on. There is no cost. Also, if you hit on a technique that may be of interest to our readers let us know. If we can use it, you’ll receive some great merchandise from one of our Affiliates.

The e-mail is or phone us at 828.539.1580

“Doing what we love, the money will follow,” may be more than a catchy phrase and Title of a book.

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