Video Tips for Story Telling

Out yesterday at Cataloochee Valley the Elk were very active and great warm light as the sun peaked over the mountains. The morning mist gray gets warm color. Had a ball watching the younger elk prance around in the mist and will share a video.

Video Tips…

At the Foto Fest this year, BBC cinematographer Doug Gardner offered some helpful tips, if you like to tell stories with the camera. The story needs to transport the audience to the place; so, make an over view landscape Cataloochee Valley Morning mist

Medium shot Cat. V
Medium shot Cat. V

then a medium image

Elk and Black Birds, Cataloochee Valley, morning mist. All Bob Grytten images
Elk and Black Birds, Cataloochee Valley, morning mist. All Bob Grytten images

and finally the subject.

Over 200 from around the country attended this Foto Fest event.

Gardner also mentioned that one must have a Fluid Tripod Head. I purchased a Velbon Vel-Flo 9 PH-368, $44, from Amazon and it’s working great. “One cannot have jerky action,”  says Gardner. “It must be smooth and slow.”

As I use Arca Swiss plates, I also ordered an Arca Swiss clamp and mounted it on to the Velbon head, and so far that arrangement is working fine.

Sleeping Pill substitute…

Right now it’s 3AM. When I get sleepy I go to bed. When I wake up and my mind gets active like this morning a half hour ago, I get up. I usually go to the computer, and work untill I get drousy. If I’m not getting drousy, I have a cup of Chamoile Tea. That’s like a natural sleep aid.

Extra Income…

When I’m not doing my photography I am pouring candles. Been doing this for about 6 years now, and they go in local Galleries, the Farmers Market or Art Shows which we do occasionally. We could use a hand marketing then and we’ll be willing to share a part of the profit with anyone that could use the extra income. More info at

Time to put my head down. Getting Drousy… Later.

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