Fall’s around the corner – a few tips that work most of the time…

Morning Glory by Bob Grytten
Morning Glory by Bob Grytten

Get ready for super light. Quality light. This image was taken with an older Camera and lens, A Nikon d70 and Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6. It was also taken at Aperture Priority, lens opened up, f/6.3, on tripod. The Shutter Speed is 1/250 sec and EV is -1.0, focal length 200mm.

This and the other shots here were made just 30 min ago in preparation for a listing on Craigs list for this very outfit. Seemed like an opportunity to discuss the real world. It’s not as much about what equipment we have as what we do with it.

Procedure trumps equipment more often than not.

Yellow flower

Dogwood berrys ans leaves by Bob Grytten
Dogwood berries ans leaves by Bob Grytten

I could have spent a little more time with this image, maybe f/8 would have made some of the berries a little sharper but sometime it makes little difference, if everything else is working right.

So what’s working right?

Well, the leaves have some pretty nice character. The background is blown out (soft) and at least something is sharp – the berries in the front. But the color is what really makes this work. Red & Green is a great combination. An art class could be in order or a look at the color wheel.

The procedure is the same on every one of these images.

On tripod, looking for space be hind the image as my minimum focal distance is about 4 feet, Aperture Priority, long lens to isolate the distractions from the sides, get as close to the subject as possible. — all shot within a few minuets. I actually made seven exposures in total as this was new equipment to me, and I had to look around for some of the camera controls.

The most important thing is to make images that fall within the formula, not to find that special something and try to force the process.

For me the close up works or flower photography works best with a long lens. If we can’t get close enough to create a soft background there’s always an inexpensive extension tube that allows us to get closer to the subject. Either way it’s a simple system. And fun to use.

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