Three Steps for striking images… close up.

Monarch butterfly, Lake Junaluska
Monarch butterfly, Lake Junaluska

Something we overlook when making images is that few people see things up close. It’s often a different look that creates exceptional interest.

Rule #1.

Cataloochee Grass
Cataloochee Grass

The first thing we need to do with any image is simplify it. For this I use my long lens. It’s not normally considered a close up lens; but, here is the key. Move as close as possible to the subject. The background will fall away.

Rule #2.

Remove anything not important to the subject. For this I crop the image.

hickory leaves
hickory leaves

Rule #3

Make the subject at least 1/3 of the frame.

Some Telephoto Lens tips…

#1. Test your camera before being challenged. Measure how close your long lens (200-300mm) can get to a subject in the backyard. To get closer use an extension tube, or close up lens (diopter recommended, either Nikon or Canon). Available at B&H Photo or other reputable source. Also try

#2. Select a subject that has space behind it.

#3. Underexposing the subject can help cut down distractions.


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