Including things to make our photos sizzel…

Gr Pardiso, hikers with binoculars. Bob grytten image
Gr Paradiso, hikers with binoculars. Bob Grytten image

Making vs. Taking an image.

I have plenty of both but, those that have people or critters in them are the most interesting. They provide the meat of the story, the sizzle in the steak.

The moon was a lucky encounter. Without the people, there is no story. An interesting documentary perhaps, of the Gran Paradiso Alpine landscape and flora, but no sizzle.

As soon as they brought the binoculars to their eye I knew I had the image. It was one of the few selected by the Art Director to include in the story about the area. It’s selection supports Rohn Enghs formula for effective Photo Illustrations – EI = B+P+S+I (Effective Images equals non-distracting Background, plus People, plus Symbol, plus Involvement)

Clingmans Dome GSMNP w Photographer. Bob grytten Image
Clingmans Dome GSMNP w Photographer. Bob Grytten Image

Place your hand over the photographer in this image of Clingman’s Dome. Just another layer of clouds.  Add the symbol & involvement and there is the sizzle.

Lake Junaluska sunrise w-ducks
Lake Junaluska sunrise w-ducks

In nature substitute an animal, critter, bird to help make the image.

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