Incorporating still exposures and video with music and natural sounds

One of our Lens Luggers, Duke Miller, put together a multimedia program that incorporating still exposures and video with music and natural sounds. He uses a Nikon camera and puts it together with a Mac computer using iMovie.

One caution when incorporating music, don’t infringe on copyrighted work as it can expose us to infringement action. There are a number of Internet services that can provide us with no charge or small fee for using it.

According to Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, there is high correlation between photography and music,  a natural opportunity to explore another way to showcase our work. Enjoy.

Here is the intro in Dukes words…

Here’s a link below to a three-minute tribute to fall featuring my favorite shots of the fall season here in Western NC.

When you go to the link, ignore any pop-up to sign in or register; just X it out. Use small arrows, lower right of video to go full screen (bigger the better), and turn up the volume! 

A few notes: All photos were shot within about an hour of our cabin, which, covered by last year’s late fall snow, is featured near the end. And the final scene was captured just outside our back door as we left for home last year. 



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