Dr Ellen K. Rudolph uses her photography interest to advance her Life Purpose

Dr. Ellen R. Rudolph during a book interview
Dr. Ellen R. Rudolph during a book interview

Using her Education and interest in Photography and Conservation, Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph shares her insights…

S A HISTORY LESSON in Virginia’s Historic Triangle, can be downloaded HERE. It is intended for elementary school-aged children and younger children who love to be read to by their parents and grandparents. You will also enjoy her engaging video with child readers HERE where you can meet Dr. Ellen and her story’s canine heroine, Willi, in person!



Dr. Ellen’s free online public service project about HOW FAMILIES WORK, can be viewed HERE. Dr. Ellen describes real world interactions using diagrams to illustrate relationships between family members over several generations. You will experience the family in new and interesting ways through Dr. Ellen’s eyes.



Dr. Ellen’s RAINBOW RIVER PROJECT is a work in progress but you can visit it HERE to learn about the science and history behind the need to protect and preserve the Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve in Marion County, Florida. The Rainbow River is an integral part of this preserve. You will find wildlife photos, scenic river photos, and aerials of the river done by Dr. Ellen herself, as well as many  things done by others including underwater videos, scientific advisories about things that imperil this and other nature preserves, and compelling educational documentaries about Florida’s Springs. You will learn about the many threats to Florida’s Springs and to the Floridan Aquifer, the diminishing source of Florida’s life-giving drinking water. For more go to www.drellenrrudolph.com


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