Part 2: Marketing our Photography OR generate additional Income.

Today’s Internet provides additional MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES!

Yes, I’m aware of Google +, and other places on the internet to display our work, and yes we should look at those options. But if we expand your knowledge about photography, we can even provide a valuable service to businesses – and GET PAID for that service.

Lets think, for a moment, about Joe’s Dry Cleaning Service down the road. Do you think he has all the business he can use. Probably not. But if we ask him, we will find out. Then ask him if he would be willing to put out a few dollars if he received additional Business above and beyond his advertising investment.

Yes, it an advertising investment! If he is is advertising he is already in primed to spend some dollars for this service. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those dollars in your pocket. For sure we will never know if we don’t ask. Let’s, just for fun ask the cleaning service or another business, if they would like some additional business. See what happens.

If you like it, we can structure a multi media program that can be uploaded to You Tube. The business receives the URL and they can use your work where they wish and as often as they wish, on their web site or in an advertisement, their choice.

As marketing costs about 40% of the business income, if you like the idea, you’ll be able to bank a part of that while practicing your craft. Here’s a video I put together for one of our businesses just to give an idea. Obviously words could be added. The product are the candles and the fill in images are from my files. It was all put together in iMovie on a Mac, and the music was from an album that I had permission to use. PC units also have multimedia programs or plug ins.

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