Landscape helpers… Two simple Rules

While I enjoy finding iconic places to photograph as much as the next person, in my view, many very nice images can be made to turn ordinary landscapes into winners by following two simple rules.

The first rule applies to where the eye goes.

Where does the eye go? Usually to the Winter Scene Too Much sky Gryttenbrightest part of an image.

In my estimation that kills many otherwise worthy images.

In our example here, the first thought of many photographers might be to include the mist flowing down from the clouds. That sure says nature and shows where we are or could be.

However, unless we’re on assignment to illustrate that particular location, that blast of light overpowers an otherwise very nice image. What to do?

Consider taking another exposure without the cloud, and this is where Rule # 2 comes in.

The rule of thirds is a simple one; but, one we too often forget about.

Winter Scene Cropped GryttenThis is also where we use eye tracking to our advantage. We may have to readjust our composition a bit; but, by using multiple quadrants we can make a nice image with maybe a different feel.

Here again the eye will go where we direct it, to the stream in one quadrant and to the frost in the other quadrant. What do you think?

I’m keeping both of them.  Two stories.

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