Why discuss Business?

Fern with Rose petal. Bob Grytten Photo
Fern with Rose petal. Bob Grytten Photo

I’m noticing a spike of interest in these last two posts on business. But why the discussion?

For one thing, the subject about business came to me and I have learned to listen to that small voice. Normally I discuss photography, my passion. But, this time I discovered a strong drive. And that struck a nerve. Why?

Then, this morning after pouring candle wax for a gallery order, I picked up my copy of Realization of Oneness by Joel S. Goldsmith sitting on the corner table. Having become use to just reading where if fell open, my eyes fell on the discussion about slavery. How we as humans are all subject to slavery. Slavery of Political kind, Religious dominion over us, wage domination and even domination of the body. The body tells us when we can run and how long, how long we can work each day, and even when we are healthy or sick.

I couldn’t help but drift to current events, terror attacks and mass migrations to safer

Multi Flora Rose Bob Grytten Photo
Multi Flora Rose Bob Grytten Photo

haven, driven by some form or another of domination. Perhaps that is why the subject has taken on new urgency. Maybe, it’s time to look within for answers as opposed to others to make a job for us, to take care of our needs.

Luck plays a part in where we are born, and our gene pool can determine the areas of endeavor best suited to each of us, so perhaps it’s a combination of things that provides a path our of Slavery.

By taking charge of our own destiny, it is possible to find a way. No one will do this for us. The first step is to seek information, to gain confidence that we too may carve our own way to independence. There may be obstacles, for sure. Emotional questions and self-doubt can arise in Cataloochee Valley Morning mistthis new environment; but, be assured everyone has encountered them. And once overcoming, they drift away or into the past. That is the natural path to self-awareness, and personal growth. We need only to discover the hand of help along the way.

Here are a couple of books or places that can help with needed inspiration.

  • Any of Joel S. Goldsmith’s books on Metaphysical or Mystical healing
  • Nepolian Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich




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