Photographing light, think backlight, too.

Morning Grass
Weecki Wachee, FL

If walking a trail in the morning, with the light over our shoulder we will probably see well saturated colors. But change the direction – walk into the light and a whole different world may open up. Our Florida morning grass was photographed with a 300mm, Nikkor lens and camera on tripod. We open the lens up all the way so we can see exactly like the camera. I just love the way the light bounces around the grass, creating jewel like impressions.

If we stop down, we need to have a depth of field preview button, to see how the camera is seeing. So, we begin on Aperture Priority opened up all the way. This way if we like what we see, we simply release the shutter. If we need to get closer to our subject we simply add an extension tube. On this image we used a 50mm extension tube to get closer and increase magnification. Photography made easy.

In this image of a spider web, the same procedure was used…

Web on palm, Central FL - Grytten

When I’m in the field during the magic hours, if in a damp climate the water in the air ends up on grasses and webs. I like that effect.

Autumn Rays, Cataloochee 2x3 72 dpi

If in the mountains, morning mist often ocurs. Shooting into the light provides a nice feel…

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