Ocean Scene, sunrise, Myrtle Beach

_DSC3737 Sunrise MBI never cease to be amazed at nature’s dress. We’re in a 3rd floor condo celebrating Carol’s Birthday and the sun is just warming the horizon. I’m on the balcony using an 18mm digital lens. I really like that 18-200mm set up but when nature is putting on a show almost any lens will do.

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

Later I go vertical, still at 18mm to capture the clouds reaching overhead. To me that is one of the best uses for the wide angle lens – Vertical format.



About the settings, not to complicated. Aperture Priority, f/11, camera selects the corresponding shutter speed which I monitor through the viewfinder, in this case 1/400 sec. is plenty fast enough to hand hold, but I’m on a tripod. I did reduce the saturation to -1.7 EV, matrix metering and ISO 200.

Essentially, by changing the DSLR to a point and shoot system, we’re free to pick and choose parts of the scene. That’s where I like the 200mm, to isolate special areas of interest. In this image we can place the sunburst in the lower 1/3 of the frame so the rays flow up and to the right.

_DSC3731 Suntise MB







Some times just sticking the camera out there and taking pictures is all that’s required. Why try to make something more when mother nature does it for us. Of course, nothing happens unless were there. We have to get off our duffs. But then again, that’s my job. Is this fun or what!!

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