Travel Photography at the beach at sunset

Travel editors like people in images. When at the beach there are people…

Madeira beach Sunset w/c couple

Madeira Beach Sunset
Madeira Beach Sunset

And while I liked the way this turned out, my favorite is the first one I took, just before the one with people.

In post production I had to lighten the small area of white a bit as I think it provides more balance to the scene.

All the images were taken with the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera and 16-50mm lens.

Maderia Beach with people high lightedThe flash on the camera provided the light for this scene.


Madeira Beach with Sea Oats







The flash can also be used to highlight subjects in the foreground that would normally be silhouetted. A small piece of white cloth can also be used to cut down on the amount of illumination the flash would normally provide.


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