Street Photography from begining to final

Mural final, St. Petersburg FLWe’re in St.Petersburg, FL. My camera is with me. Wearing the journalist hat, I need to be able to record my impressions to use later if a story develops.  All subjects are fair game to my camera.

the process…

The key is to separate the tools from the story. In my mind the camera is a recording device. What we do with that recording is what we’re about. Some are happy with just capturing what they see, and that’s fine.

If I had a paint brush, my paint and canvas would record what’s in my mind.

The above image began in an alley. This is what caught my attention…

Mural in Alley, St. Petersburg FL
Mural in Alley, St. Petersburg FL


What we have to do in nature, street, or where ever we are is reduce the chaos to elements that can be understood by the viewer.



Mural full, St. Petersburg FL

Next step was to select a part of the whole that will be the subject…




Next, we select the essence of the story. What jumped out at me was the final which was the lead image above.

We can do it all with the camera, which is my preference, or in the computer. Whatever works. The same process holds in almost all situations. Most of the time, our images include too much information which causes the point of our story to get lost in the jumble.







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