Viking Riverboat cruising – images that work

This past July, Carol & I took an eight-day trip in France by boat, specifically a Viking Riverboat Cruise. I’m now embarking upon the marketing effort to publish Photo/Text packages. The first query went out to the managing editor of a AAA magazine which publishes articles for their readers to help them decide where to vacation.

Images that work…

Enclosed are some of the images I selected to support the article.

Viking Riverboat top deck, couple looking
Viking Riverboat top deck, couple looking

This image is selected because it has a non distracting Background, Symbol (the railing, flags in breeze ie, boat), People, and Involvement (they are gazing out with interest). The purpose of an image in a story is to illustrate, to visually draw attention to the article.

Another small thing is they are looking toward the right. We read from left to right. Some experts say that makes a more pleasing image.

Obviously, the key is to include the necessary elements when traveling.

Viking Top Deck underway, people
Viking Top Deck underway, people

The next image follows the same general formula as the preceding image. It is obviously the upper deck of a ship in the water (Symbol), has People, Background is somewhat clean, Clouds show a pleasant day (blue in sky), people are involved in activities they would be doing on the sundeck of a boat.

A stronger image might be to show more of the boat, as this image could be interpreted as a dock. Also the guy in the blue shirt is partially chopped off. This could be improved by cropping , also the two spires could also be distracting. These are things to keep in mind when making the shot. Sometimes it’s not possible, but the better one makes it the greater the possibility of getting published.

Bordeaux Cathedral                                                                               The next one is of a church interior, that is essentially a show stopper. Lots of color, repeated graphics in the ceiling, rows of chairs, pendants on wall, windows.



Bordeaux Cathedral, alter, people
Bordeaux Cathedral, altar, people


The next image shows a closer look of the church but also includes people, and at least one taking a picture (saying “tourist”). By including both, the editor has the option, improving the chance to be published.




Bourg Sunset Horizonal

The last one also has a relatively clean background, and the golden clouds say sunset or sunrise. The church in silhouette is easily of European origin.




Each of these images provide the necessary elements to help the editor decide if the article fits their needs. I like submitting photo/text packages, rather than just the article. With just the article, the editor has to search for images. Submitting what the publication needs increases one’s opportunities to get published. If interested in reviewing the text that goes with these images, let us know at


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