Elk in rut Cataloochee Valley, NC – NO KILL Video

A natural extension of still photography is to record things that are animated, like Elk. After all, photography is about communicating, and when we can put the eerie sounds of the Bugle of the bull elk during Rut, it changes the landscape completely.

This clip was made with the Sony a6000 camera and the 55-210mm lens; however, what makes this work is the tripod head. One of the important things to keep in mind is to have a smooth and slow pan or change of focal length. To achieve this, I bought a fluid head. Once learning how it works, it makes all the difference.

A slight background noise was evident; so, I inserted background birds and thunder as they would occur naturally in this setting. I located these sounds in the iMovie program on the Mac BookPro.

About the NO KILL Video  notice, I guess I just got tired of all the YouTube videos about killing Animals just for “whatever” and touting off a Rack of their marvelous antlers as a TROPHY.  It’s one thing to hunt for meat; but, when we hike out the Antlers and head of the animal, and leave the body behind, I have to wonder how sick we have become as a people. I say, if one want’s to kill, join the Army  so it’s a fair competition.

Comments are welcome, welcome, welcome…

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